Gorgeous Games – games with great graphics

Gorgeous Games is a section of applications published during the past few days in the App Store by Apple, through it being our recommended games for iOS that have great graphics developed using platform including Metal.

Because it’s a type of applications extremely popular Apple employees were listed for us a dozen of the best titles available in Apple store.

Many of the applications you will see there you already know, so perhaps you will not be surprised to find in this list, the Cupertino being careful to choose only what is best.

Metal platform was designed by Apple to provide developers easier access to the processing power of chips from iDevice sites, such as Apple promotes intense games that are developed based.

Gorgeous Games section has been updated recently and can be accessed.


How fast is the iris scanner Galaxy Note7

You all know that Galaxy Note7 has an iris scanner implemented by Samsung and you all know that he is to offer new ways to unlock smartphones Koreans, but if you have been wondering how fast he is in providing access to data, well today you have the opportunity to learn thanks to a new video.

In the video below you can see the iris scanner Galaxy Note7 unlocks extremely fast terminal when the user’s eyes are scanning procedure is done as fast as in the case of the fingerprint reader, and this is how it can normal for such a system.

I do not think there is any person to expect that this new iris scanner of the Galaxy Note7 to scan eyes harder than a fingerprint reader, and that is because users have become accustomed to a certain standard, and if Samsung would give anything different then a lot of people would have complained about the change.

Iris scanner for enhanced security quickly

To function, iris scanner requires that the user’s eyes to be close to 20-25 cm phone, so the camera included in the device can analyze how it clear iris of eyes before making the release, so if user will be further procedure could take longer.

Aside from this procedure, it was discovered that the Galaxy Note7 has 4GB RAM and information is confirmed by analyzing the hardware found in the terminal and the amount of memory available is less than the 6 GB RAM that many rumors have promised for the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 to be presented by Samsung on August 2, but the official launch should take place a few weeks after the event, so until early September, users should be able to enjoy it.