All new iOS 9 & 64-bit Devices Cydia Substrate (last known as Mobile Substrate) released in Cydia!

The maintainer  and the creator, Jay Freeman, of the App Store alternative for jailbroken devices has renewed Cydia Substrate (last known as Mobile Substrate) to version number 1.1.16. The most recent Evasi0n7 jailbreak release succeeded in taking everyone by surprise, even Freeman, but the news from today lets us know that the last piece from the jailbreak puzzle is in her place, letting developers to update freely their extensions and packages for the latest Apple’s  64-bit devices like iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s.

The jailbreak edition Evasi0n7 was brought to us about a week ago, and while it is fit to successfully liberate all devices that are using iOS 9.0.x, but it has rendered useless without a working version of Cydia Substrate, from a end-user perspective. Saurik, the online name under which Freeman is known, acted to adapt Cydia to iOS 9 and to help this current version of Substrate to stitch together  the operating system and the extensions.

The fact that Cydia 1.1.16 Substrate is available does not mean that all the packages on Cydia will work on newer devices. Products from Apple like iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s and the new iPad mini with Retina are all powered by the 64-bit A9 processor. Saurik with the release announcement of the Mobile Substrate also made a statement to the tweak and extension developers that they will need to recompile the software and modify their work considering the ARM64 architecture:

“@Saurik: Substrate 1.1.16000 has been released, with support for iOS 9 and ARM64. (For extensions to work on ARM64, they must be recompiled to ARM64.)”

Even if we are not above the finale obstacle of achieving in terms a totally functioning jailbreak software for devices using 64-bit processors, it is a relief that the finishing line is finally getting in our reach. So the availability for Cydia Substrate updates is pointing that developers are not pressed to find new inventive ways in what matters the limitations of jailbreaking. Recompiling and updating packages for ARM64 are not supposed to be that prolonged to make us imagine a barrage on the tweak updates that are default repositories in the immediate future.

For all those who haven’t heard about Cydia Substrate or about what’s all the fuss about you should know that it’s a one of the most important part of the meeting between the consumer and jailbreak. The Substrate is the base structure that lets developers provide run-time patches for the default system functions in the operating system of Apple mobile. The protection that prevents system failures is also provided by this base structure by setting the device into Safe Mode in the case that something goes wrong.

If any of you followed our previous guide: “How to fix MobileSubstrate Tweaks On iOS 9 Without Any Side Effects” and have installed the package called “Mobile Substrate Fix”, it’s very important to remove that package before proceeding to install the new update Cydia Substrate from Saurik.

The old package “Mobile Substrate Fix” can be removed by exploring the following path: Cydia/Manage/Packages.

The new package named Cydia Substrate can be installed by exploring the following path: Cydia/Changes  and after you only have to tap on the “Upgrade” button localized at the top right.

Five Essential Cydia Apps for Springtomize 2

As you understand, Cydia is an ideal choice for the App Store. It’s the location where you are able to find useful free Cydia programs or payable ones to install in your system. So, to be able to get use of a broader variety of Cydia programs, you should add multiple repositories. The more sources that Cydia shows the more opportunities you have of locating the program that you’re considering.

They’re designed to boost the ability of your smart device as well as in once to let you customize it as you please. Here, you’ll discover some excellent Cydia programs within your smart SinfuliPhone Source.

cydia programs, springtomize 2

Springtomize 2

The very first tweak I’d like to show you is among the most effective Cydia programs ever. It provides a broad range of choices and attributes for personal customization of your apparatus. Springtomize 2 lets you alter homescreen, wallpapers, backgrounds, icons, carrier symbol and a number of alternatives. The tweak isn’t free of charge, but you may understand that it’s worth to be bought as Apple doesn’t let you customize your iDevice.


Zephyr might be regarded as among the greatest programs for utility. It lets you alter specific sides of your apparatus with the addition of multiple gestures. As a result, when you are going to want to shut a specific program, all you need to do would be to put a specific gesture and things will probably be a lot easier. In once, you may be given a multitasking switcher where you are able to add, alter or delete specific settings.


This way, you’ll get multiple unlock routines and choices. In order to install cydia you have to jailbreak your iPhone with pangu 8 or redsnow.


With the support of InfiniDock, users can add innumerable icons for their dock. In once, you can group the most used programs in one location so that you can get a faster entry.


For those among you who would like to make use of FaceTime attribute over 3G or LTE but your insurance company will not enable this attribute, take a look at the My3G tweak.

This amazing source additionally shows some interesting NES emulators for people who love playing various games on their apparatus. I believe that you’ll discover this source rather helpful to your personal needs. If you would like to add SinfuliPhone Source to your own list, simply kind down the next URL address: and find the finest Cydia tweaks and programs.

Fix NoService on iPhone 6 iOS 8.1

6 Ways to Guard Against Apple

Apple had released its latest chain of operating system on September 17th together with the introduction. In addition to the then-coming Apple apparatus like iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, iOS 8 was anticipated to be a big hit. Unfortunately this had not been the situation, as the upgrade had compatibility problems and lots of bugs that it just was able to produce a turmoil in the smart devices marketplace.

Among the more important problems of iOS 8 was with the network coverage. Most got the message ‘No Service’ where the network coverage is generally shown in the top left side of the display suggested. It was to solve this problem that Apple created another upgrade iOS 8.0.1 but promptly revoked it as it had a lot of other problems which would just tarnish Apple’s image more in the marketplace. A few of the recent problems included the defective working of Touch ID as well as the sign of a fresh message called ‘No link’ in the location in which there is a mobile sign designed to be revealed. The damage had been done by this faulty iOS to nearly 40000 units. To download cydia you have to jailbreak your iphone.

However, Apple failed to take a back seat and instead created a newer upgrade called iOS 8.0.2 which seemed to have solved all the issues discovered on iOS 8.0.1. Unfortunately it turned out to be another blunder in the Cupertino Business as the most recent iOS caused more trouble for users in terms of network connectivity and the Touch ID. Most users were even unable to use their smartphone as a cellphone that is fundamental .

In the event you’ve already updated to iOS 8.0.2 and confront all these problems, there’s a method to solve this problem.

Update your iOS 8 supported iPhone devices to the most recent variant, iOS 8.1

Apple lately released iOS 8.1 and it comes with lots of progress over iOS 8.0.2. Repairing all the problems confronted by iPhone 6 users, Here would be the steps to do the Update:

Step one is to ensure you possess the upgraded version of iTunes
After that’s done, open the iTunes program in your system.
Press the Help button.
Subsequently find the Check.
In which a pop-up window will ask the user if it is an upgraded variation, it will probably be revealed
A Back-Ups window opens, where you need to click the Back up Now button to ensure all of your data or 6 Plus is backed up in a location that is safe
Download iOS 8.1 IPSW
Plug in your iPhone apparatus, 6 or 6 Plus to computer system or the notebook. Open the iTunes program.
Now click the Device Summary page so that you can get it
Hold down the Option (in case) or SHIFT (in case of a Windows system) and concurrently choose the Check for Upgrade option in iTunes and the list of best cydia apps.
Now search that you open it and had previously installed
From which you must select the Upgrade button a popup display will probably take front of you
Choose another button, after which you need to choose CONCUR button
Eventually your iTunes program begins to downgrade these devices to iOS 8
This method may take some minutes to finish, according to the speed of your internet connection
Be patient and await the Slide to Unlock up slider pops on the monitor. You must do the group of directions that follow these measures
The reason we will not be requesting one to install iOS 8.1 over OTA is that, OTA installs will consistently create difficulties in jailbreaking. For those who have strategies to jailbreak iOS 8 after, go with this particular choice.