More powerfull iOS 9 Keyboards

The stock iOS 9 computer keyboard is great but definitely not good enough in case you begin comparing it to the choices accessible on Android telephones. Apple has an extremely strict policy of not changing substantially in the computer keyboard as it is working great so far but a few people want more in relation to the stock characteristics.

 Since iOS 9, weve seen a brilliant assortment of smart computer keyboard tweaks come on the Cydia shop. From modding the computer keyboard to get additional rows to themeing the keypad, it is possible to do a lot using tweaks.

Greatest iOS 9 Keyboard Tweaks to incorporate Powerful Attributes to the Keypad
BlueBoard is a straightforward tweak that changes the tone of the keys to blue. The tweak alters the colour on both the dark as well as the light variations of the iOS computer keyboard so whatever you see is blue keys. Interestingly, BlueBoard doesnt rely on Winterboard in order to use this as a standalone tweak. Other compatibilities will not be understood independently.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

It is among my favorites. exKey places one added row of keys in the stock computer keyboard. The further row comprises amounts and in case you empower the alt, it features characters from your next degree of alt (more symbols). This key takes signal from your five-row keyboard tweaks we found in iOS 9 so its a tremendous productivity increase.

Cost: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

In the event you enjoyed the dark-themed computer keyboard in iOS 9 and need it to be system wide (now, the black computer keyboard appears in limelight), Bloard is the tweak you need to get. Agreeably, sometimes, it seems strange to visit a dark-keypad for an interface thats a riot of colours or simply plain white.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss


Fancy could be an overkill if youre just seeking computer keyboard tweaks. But Fancy tints the computer keyboard superbly aligning together with the colour subject which you use for the components. Weve written about Elaborate already.

Cost: $0.99 | Repo: ModMyi


Vmoji7 is an addon for the computer keyboard. It can get quite overwhelming in the beginning as the programmer put all the emojis and unicode characters inside the keys.

Cost: $2.99 | Repo: BigBoss


I understand Im getting banes for adding this in the base of the list. SwipeSelection is among the trendiest and also the most innovative computer keyboard tweaks ever. The tweak is upgraded for iOS 9. More’s among the trendiest productivity applications in case you type a great deal on your own iPhone/iPad. Theres a Guru variant also.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss


PredictiveKeyboard brings one core attribute of Android computer keyboards to iOS 7. It calls words on the basis of the letters that you’re typing. PredictiveKeyboard is just another smart productivity tweak for the computer keyboard.

Cost: $2.39 | Repo: BigBoss


Extremely subtle but amazing enough to merit a reference on this particular list. In the black form of the computer keyboard, it appears amazing and is marked. In the white, its not marked (quite subtle really).

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss


 With ColorY0urBoard, it is possible to paint your computer keyboard with any colour of your choice. The liberty of selection can actually result in horrible colours to the computer keyboard but if you’re able to play it right, you could get extremely great shades for the computer keyboard. Arguably, its a little expensive though.

Cost: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss


Go over ColorY0urKeyboard. Heres AdaptiveKeyboard which at random alters colours of the computer keyboard but decides the colours on the basis of the dominant tone of the program you’re using. One issue: it does appear to be procedure intensive which could affect the battery but when youre in for a few arbitrary flaunting of what your iPhone can perform, AdaptiveKeyboard looks to be a wonderful tweak.

Cost: $0.99 | Repo: ModMyi