A Whole Media World in One Finger Touch

Have you ever thought how would be like to buy music, movies, books or games directly from your smartphone, with only one finger touch? Apple promises that this will be soon possible, due to the new technology called Touch ID. Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently revealed that the company is intrigued by the mobile payments area, therefore Apple has begun building up a mobile payments division.

Touch ID

Apple is developing a revolutionary new mobile payment system, as the company became interested in the mobile payments space.
During a conference call discussing the financial results of Apple, CEO Tim Cook, said that mobile payment is one of the most important reasons the company decided to create Touch ID for iPhone 5S.
Cook said that people just love to buy digital content from their iPhones using Touch ID, because it is “incredibly simple, easy and elegant”.
The world has radically changed throughout the years, so the needs of the customers have changed too. People want to buy faster, without too much trouble. Touch ID is the solution for this problem because it provides a whole media world through only one fingerprint sensor.
Due to the positive response of the costumers to buy using Touch ID, Apple has already begun building up a mobile payments division.
Although there are not too many details yet, it is known that Touch ID provides buying music, movies, and books using a fingerprint sensor.
Touch ID already includes the possibility to pay for products on the iTunes and App Store without an account password. Even that this is a limited use, Apple has millions of customers’ credit cards on file with iTunes.
The primary use of Touch ID is unlocking the iPhone 5S, but its use will be improving a lot soon. More than that, according to cook, Apple intends to expand the limit of Touch ID beyond mobile payments.
Therefore, we expect great things and a lot of facilities coming from a small sensor.