You can personalize your Home screen using Icon Masks tweak

Change is fun and it is part of our lives, including our phone. And  a way to do that is changing your theme for the iOS7 jailbreak. This is the easiest method and it’s comfortable to do that. But why stop here? Why not thinking at something new, exciting to customize  your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?
Did somebody think at this kind of thing? Of course. The creativity is endless and this time its name is Icon Masks and it is awesome.

How does it work?

A file replacement extension for iOS, called Winterboard, helps you to see this change. Actually, it installs several Icon Masks which make your life more beautiful, getting rid of monotony. On your screen, every day, can appear  another shape like the sea, star, different kinds of squares, circle, eye, guitar and so forth.
But actually, what does it do? Your screen will get some extra flare. You might have some fun playing with all sorts of shapes if you want to choose to install the greatest theme for Winterboard. Let’s take an example: a hexagonal mask. And suddenly, your phone screen will become magical. Take a look at the screenshots above, to see the vintage mask, on the left side, and the cloud mask, on the right side.
For now, Icon Masks tweak  is at the beginning and it has, also, disadvantages. For instance, only the screen can be modified. If you want to apply the same thing to folders or to Calendar, you’ll have to be patient, because, for the moment, this is not available. But, for sure, it’s just a matter of time until the designers will find a way to satisfy the costumers’ desires.

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How can  you get this Icon Masks ? First of all, this is developed by ideaprison and you can get it for free on Cydia in the default ModMyi archive. Just wait a little and enjoy the option for the screen, because soon there will be updates for the Calendar and for folders. So, have fun with several available options which you can configure in Settings. If, somehow, Icon Masks is not enough for you, you can also search for Badge Masks, a similar tweak for badges, and this time Cydia is again your friend, because it  can satisfy your curiosity for badges.
And now I’m sure that you are curious to see how your screen looks with Icon Masks installed. After doing this, please share your joy with us by screenshots in the comment.

Fix NoService on iPhone 6 iOS 8.1

6 Ways to Guard Against Apple

Apple had released its latest chain of operating system on September 17th together with the introduction. In addition to the then-coming Apple apparatus like iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, iOS 8 was anticipated to be a big hit. Unfortunately this had not been the situation, as the upgrade had compatibility problems and lots of bugs that it just was able to produce a turmoil in the smart devices marketplace.

Among the more important problems of iOS 8 was with the network coverage. Most got the message ‘No Service’ where the network coverage is generally shown in the top left side of the display suggested. It was to solve this problem that Apple created another upgrade iOS 8.0.1 but promptly revoked it as it had a lot of other problems which would just tarnish Apple’s image more in the marketplace. A few of the recent problems included the defective working of Touch ID as well as the sign of a fresh message called ‘No link’ in the location in which there is a mobile sign designed to be revealed. The damage had been done by this faulty iOS to nearly 40000 units. To download cydia you have to jailbreak your iphone.

However, Apple failed to take a back seat and instead created a newer upgrade called iOS 8.0.2 which seemed to have solved all the issues discovered on iOS 8.0.1. Unfortunately it turned out to be another blunder in the Cupertino Business as the most recent iOS caused more trouble for users in terms of network connectivity and the Touch ID. Most users were even unable to use their smartphone as a cellphone that is fundamental .

In the event you’ve already updated to iOS 8.0.2 and confront all these problems, there’s a method to solve this problem.

Update your iOS 8 supported iPhone devices to the most recent variant, iOS 8.1

Apple lately released iOS 8.1 and it comes with lots of progress over iOS 8.0.2. Repairing all the problems confronted by iPhone 6 users, Here would be the steps to do the Update:

Step one is to ensure you possess the upgraded version of iTunes
After that’s done, open the iTunes program in your system.
Press the Help button.
Subsequently find the Check.
In which a pop-up window will ask the user if it is an upgraded variation, it will probably be revealed
A Back-Ups window opens, where you need to click the Back up Now button to ensure all of your data or 6 Plus is backed up in a location that is safe
Download iOS 8.1 IPSW
Plug in your iPhone apparatus, 6 or 6 Plus to computer system or the notebook. Open the iTunes program.
Now click the Device Summary page so that you can get it
Hold down the Option (in case) or SHIFT (in case of a Windows system) and concurrently choose the Check for Upgrade option in iTunes and the list of best cydia apps.
Now search that you open it and had previously installed
From which you must select the Upgrade button a popup display will probably take front of you
Choose another button, after which you need to choose CONCUR button
Eventually your iTunes program begins to downgrade these devices to iOS 8
This method may take some minutes to finish, according to the speed of your internet connection
Be patient and await the Slide to Unlock up slider pops on the monitor. You must do the group of directions that follow these measures
The reason we will not be requesting one to install iOS 8.1 over OTA is that, OTA installs will consistently create difficulties in jailbreaking. For those who have strategies to jailbreak iOS 8 after, go with this particular choice.