Organize better with Mail Enhancer

Everyone needs clarity, especially when it comes to e-mails. Because  several persons have an organizational issue, the solution has appeared and it is called Mail Enhancer. This  jailbreak hack app  gives you  many options when you  think at  iPhone Mail. The person who thought of  this is Stefan Mollenkamp. To take advantage of this app you  need  iOS 4.0 and, if  in case you have 5.0, don’t worry, because you have support for  it, too, as this was recently added.

Before you go forward with this tutorial remember you have to download cydia from here. You think that if you have iOS 8.0 you are out of worries, because it has plenty of Mail features that you wished before. Nevertheless, the Mail remains one of the sensitive discussion. That is why Mail Enhancer appeared, to help you with this, being available in the Cydia Store as an iPod touch and iPhone app.
How will you benefit from  it?

Among the strong  points of Mail Enhancer, you notice custom  notifications, and you know when you receive an important email. Even if you don’t manage with it, you get HTML support. You benefit of highlighting and you  have plenty of choices regarding to signatures.

If you set an important notification and  then you forget about it, Mail Enhancer is there to help you because it has hours for it, so that everything becomes easier for you.

Thanks to this app, you  can enjoy of notification banner.

If you want to enjoy your life and don’t want to receive unimportant e-mails, Mail Enhancer sorts these kind of e-mails, so that not to be bothered. Instead, you get the notifications of important ones, because now you have the option to flag  senders with VIP. So, another great feature is that you can choose the alerts, so that you have more clarity and a better organization.

Life has different moments that you  spend working, enjoying life, family, business partners. And you have different styles when talking to each of them. Now, Mail Enhancer gives you the possibility to personalize the signature of  the person you are interacting to.

Despite its complexity, it’s very easy to use. The only problem you might have, until you get used to it,  could be the fact that there are a lot of app options and  there is a chance to spend  some time until you find what you want.

Because this app is so useful, it is used not only on the iPad, even if there you have more space for  reading and composing an e-amil, but on  iPod touch and iPhone also. Since Mail Enhancer is such a great app, it can integrate on any of these devices. This is the reason for which we like it more than other  jailbreak options which you can find on Cydia.

In case that you are the owner of  an iOS 8.0 device, you must have Mail Enhancer. But, instead, if you have 5.0,  it’s not really necessary, as the later version has many improvement regarding to characteristic.
Take a look at the video demo of  the program we talked about to see how it is working on the iPhone.
Nevertheless, you are responsible for using  iPhone mods and haks and you are aware that, before using the native software and apps, your iPhone app is jailbroken.  To use Mail Enhancer you have to go to Cydia and install it.