You can personalize your Home screen using Icon Masks tweak

Change is fun and it is part of our lives, including our phone. And  a way to do that is changing your theme for the iOS7 jailbreak. This is the easiest method and it’s comfortable to do that. But why stop here? Why not thinking at something new, exciting to customize  your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?
Did somebody think at this kind of thing? Of course. The creativity is endless and this time its name is Icon Masks and it is awesome.

How does it work?

A file replacement extension for iOS, called Winterboard, helps you to see this change. Actually, it installs several Icon Masks which make your life more beautiful, getting rid of monotony. On your screen, every day, can appear  another shape like the sea, star, different kinds of squares, circle, eye, guitar and so forth.
But actually, what does it do? Your screen will get some extra flare. You might have some fun playing with all sorts of shapes if you want to choose to install the greatest theme for Winterboard. Let’s take an example: a hexagonal mask. And suddenly, your phone screen will become magical. Take a look at the screenshots above, to see the vintage mask, on the left side, and the cloud mask, on the right side.
For now, Icon Masks tweak  is at the beginning and it has, also, disadvantages. For instance, only the screen can be modified. If you want to apply the same thing to folders or to Calendar, you’ll have to be patient, because, for the moment, this is not available. But, for sure, it’s just a matter of time until the designers will find a way to satisfy the costumers’ desires.

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How can  you get this Icon Masks ? First of all, this is developed by ideaprison and you can get it for free on Cydia in the default ModMyi archive. Just wait a little and enjoy the option for the screen, because soon there will be updates for the Calendar and for folders. So, have fun with several available options which you can configure in Settings. If, somehow, Icon Masks is not enough for you, you can also search for Badge Masks, a similar tweak for badges, and this time Cydia is again your friend, because it  can satisfy your curiosity for badges.
And now I’m sure that you are curious to see how your screen looks with Icon Masks installed. After doing this, please share your joy with us by screenshots in the comment.